Shopify website desktop traffic and mobile traffic comparison

In February 2019 we were new and characteristic of the data.
It is the desktop traffic and mobile traffic below the domain name. Convenient for users to analyze and compare.

Most of the traffic has now turned to the mobile side. Desktop users are gradually decreasing. But desktop and mobile traffic have different attributes. There are good guidelines for finding Niche products.

The meaning of the index: desktop traffic divided by mobile traffic;
Desktop traffic/mobile traffic;
-1: indicates no mobile traffic
-2: The value is wrong.
Special attention: the greater the overall traffic of the website, the more accurate the data of this ratio

shopify analytics for 2018-10

This month’s shopify data has been updated and the update will take a few days to complete.

This month we use the reflection of this, the title and presentation function of our price website, this can be screened.

And we upgrade the algorithm that optimizes the data of the shopify selling average price.
Adding deletes is the elimination of data.
Our web page is suitable for the computer version, please use the custom selection list when using it.
Welcome to our facebook data discussion group, where we will understand your comments. Improve our website.

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Shopify Analytics by

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